Very Tired…But really what’s new?

Tired tired tired and more tired… did I say tired? Doc says my tests were all messed up. If I had any more energy I would smash this laptop that makes me push really hard on the “P” key for some reason today. I am just getting moving for the day and I barely managed to get what the doctor told me down on the wipe-off board on my refrigerator while he spoke over the phone. If I hadn’t written it down by now it would be out of my brain. I am starting to get hungry and I must go find something to eat but I am so tired and I don’t feel like making anything. When I feel this bad or worse sometimes I don’t bother eating. I still wonder why I am not skinny…

I don’t feel depressed today which is good. Yesterday I was quite hypo and spent a lot of time talking my head off and cleaning. Funny thing is I cleaned odd places but places that really needed it anyway. It only lasted the one day but that is better that way, I could tell it was changing by nightfall due to my increasing irritability by the time I went to sleep. Either way I feel basically normal with my mood, I just feel so tired and worn out which seems to happen every so many days with me. Doc says my potassium was depleted again we will see what the results say after blood work this week. All I know is I feel like a switch. One day I have tons of energy and I feel normal and the next I can’t get out of bed or seemingly wake up. It’s awful. My moods are the same way! Then yesterday I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye and the night prior I woke up in the middle of the night- looked over to my hubby’s side of the bed and started to have a small hallucination of a spider in mid air with a really thick web. It was quite odd and I can’t explain it but I left the room, came back and touched the air with my arm and there was nothing there- the web etc was gone. I went back to sleep. The next morning started the hypo day.

Anyway…. I am glad my mood feels normal today, very grateful for that. I injected my Enbrel yesterday and my hip pain is not as severe today but still hurts a little. My right hip has been relentless for over a month. I just hate when I am so tired like this. And on that note I am going.
Ta Ta for now…


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