April Fools- Complete Bad Day

Little did I know that the night prior to April fools day was a sign of a bad day to come.

So the night before April 1st. (I say that because this is an odd hour to post being it is barely over midnight my time really) I checked my blood pressure and it was really low. I wasn’t feeling too hot. I felt in fact a little breathless and like something was heavy on my chest. Standing I felt a little faint. So I went to bed.

The next morning I woke to a horrible terrible I cannot describe awful headache at about 6 am. This would be April fools day. Too bad it wasn’t a joke! This headache stayed with me and progressively got worse as the day dragged on. I tried everything to get rid of it. On top of that I had terrible shortness of breath most of the day up until I fell asleep for a nap in the afternoon. My inhaler was barely touching it but I wasn’t in extreme distress so I dealt with it.

I was so tired. So very very tired. I felt like I was walking in quick sand and at times I surprised myself and was able to move but it felt like an out of body experience. I started to feel ill on and off. Thought I might pass out, had episodes of dizziness.

It was just a terrible physical day for me. And companies are so terrible. I am not naming any names here but I went to have blood drawn and today would probably have been perfect to show how things are going due to the fact I get like this but the company refused to draw my blood. This was due to a balance from over 4 years ago that went to collections. Some bill I had no idea about. For some reason was never paid by my old insurance plan. I carry two insurances now and I couldn’t even get them to do a current panel. The whole thing was so ridiculous I actually laughed when the lady told me the amount of the bill due. It was completely insane.

So I did not get my blood work done. Who knows what will happen next. Either way I am exhausted and I have this type of heavy feeling in my head still, sort of a mild ache but I am grateful it isn’t so painful as earlier. I know it’s bad when I wake several times trying to sleep it off in tears saying it hurts then fall back asleep.

Here’s hoping to a better day tomorrow. This entire day was a waste of a day. My husband got nothing achieved at his appointment and I never got my blood drawn. We wasted hours out and gas in the vehicle. We are drained emotionally, financially, and in every way possible. I have my daughter’s doctor hounding me as well about not making an appointment for her to see this other doctor too. I made the call, still waiting to hear back. Easter is upon us and I can’t make us an Easter dinner so it will be an ordinary day but I am at least going to get my daughter a small basket.


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