Discouragement on my Horizon

So…. It’s roughly 5:30 in the evening… I think I should be eating dinner but really I don’t want anything to eat nor do I feel like making anything for myself. My daughter has already eaten and I just don’t feel like bothering with making anything for myself. I cannot figure out if it is just laziness, I am just not hungry yet or who knows what. I figure if I get hungry enough I will eventually find something to eat in the kitchen. Problem is by then I will just find crackers or something and eat those. Not much of an appetite for a long time now.

I have a horrible stabbing pain in my head today. This following yesterday’s fiasco with my right sided horrible monstrous head pain. It was nice the twelve or so hours it had abated I guess although this pain is different and affecting a different part of my head. I am tired now as well and ready for bed.

I am a little ticked off I never got a return call about getting my labs done somewhere else but Sunday is a holiday so maybe they took an early holiday weekend… I am not the typical person nor is my family the typical family. We do not have huge celebrations for most holidays. That ended many years ago, many. So I must be understanding that others are not like us. We also financially have never been able to have the big holidays, so we celebrate small which has been fine for me the past years. Wow… I really am tired it just kind of hit me.

It has been a nice afternoon I think although I have not ventured outdoors. I hear the lawn mowers going like it’s summer and my A/C is already going since it is 85 outside. Just the other week we were in the thirties out there. Spring is officially here and the pollen definitely with it. The sun is very bright as well. I am avoiding everyone out there today. I won’t name anyone specific though.

Well thus starts a long holiday weekend… Now I am beginning to feel discouragement. It is starting to sink into my thoughts. I have to find a way to fight it off before it gets worse. A nap may help because I am tired.


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