Night of the Pink Moon

So tonight is the night of the “pink moon” as our weatherman called it tonight. I have no idea what that is because I have not heard of anything other than a full or harvest moon. I may have heard of the pink moon before but I have obviously forgotten what it is if I have. So I spent from Tuesday morning until this afternoon with one hell of a headache. It was most definitely a migraine. Funny thing is with the lift of the migraine comes the lift of the veil of the depression. This I should not have forgotten either. Last summer when I started having a recurrence of these horrible headaches the same happened. Horrible depression followed by terrible pain and then a lift into happiness and sometimes hypomania. Little did I expect all of this to happen again. The pain was horrible causing nausea and terrible tremors/shakes throughout my body.

So this evening has been a turnaround for now. I really hope it sticks around- the turnaround in mood that is. I did some evaluating tonight as well and am wondering if the trauma of my surgery is not over on my body (not going to get into details) but it was major surgery and I think it is affecting things in relation to my mood. Question is- do I ride it out longer or go back to my surgeon/specialist? I never know anymore what to address and what to let go. It all gets very confusing when you have chronic illness.

I am going to leave this at that. I am just glad to report that for once, I am in a positive mood. Besides, Wednesday’s are my comedy day anyway, I try and laugh at some TV. It feels good to watch something funny.


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