2nite – minor update I suppose

Higher dose of the same medicine. Had weird dreams all night long. My cat sat on my chest at 4 am and started meowing in my face- this was probably due to me talking in my sleep. I have done this many times before. He gets weird when anyone talks esp if they are whispering. I think he gets spooked by it not that I whisper but from what others tell me I speak gibberish in my sleep.

So I woke this morning and I get up slowly but the medicine dosage increase had me so dizzy I almost fell over.

Today the day was not so bad. The mental pain receded some and I was OK. Very tired today.
I have to have someone to go to when the pain is too much.

This is stupid and ridiculous. Pointless. What the hell am I doing anyway? honestly I don’t even know. I should be using my leather bound book and a pen- then stash it away somewhere.


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