The Essence of Dreams and Dreaming

OK So I went to bed really late, about 6 AM. I got up at 11 AM only to go back to sleep until this afternoon about now. I had dreams though and I don’t always like when I dream because usually my predictive ones have some basis. Basically the ones I have of things that haven’t happened end up as a sort of deja vu experience later on. Not always exact but sometime scarily close. Yes sometimes they are just stupid regular dreams too.

So I woke from a pretty frightening one. It was about the way our (humans) existence was coming to an end. It was very similar to what happens in the movie Resident Evil if you have ever seen that. Basically a virus destroying and altering us into some sort of creatures, contagiousness and chaos follow but lots of death and not pleasant death at all. In my dream it was sort of due to a type of swine flu virus experience but magnified from what it is now. No I haven’t been watching tv or movies on zombies or the swine flu etc. In fact I fully expect dreams like that when I see those things on tv, the Internet or in books but have not viewed any of them in a long while.

I’ve always worried a little I would sort of be left behind after it all with the rest of the dying folk. Left to deal with the raging virus stricken that were ill and contagious. Being afraid to walk the streets or go into any public places. I was so ‘tired’ by the end of my dream I was walking and I tried to fight off a very confused and sick man that didn’t carry the virus but his dog did and I just couldn’t so I let the dog attack me. I woke while the dog was attacking me and this man was screaming at me about these children’s activity books he used to sell with a ‘free pencil’ and how they stopped sending out his shipments and that the world needed his books.

Opened my eyes and felt instant pain in the back of my neck- woke with one of my terrible arthritic headaches. Now I am tired again and I really just want to catch up on more sleep because my eyes are closing typing but I had to get this dream down before I forgot all the details. like I said, some of my dreams have basis but I really hope this was a stupid toxic/fluke dream and it means nothing because the end of the world as I saw it was so very unpleasant. I had also been trying to save two very small children in that dream and when trying to return them to their father it didn’t go well at all. The dream was very detailed and long.


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