In my dreams

So I have been having more dreams. The last one we were in this house, same house we are in with several of my past dreams. It is a house I have never lived in in my real life but my mind creates the same one each time. There is a storm raging, the sky is black and tornadoes are starting to come out of the clouds. We are in the basement but the basement ceiling has sort of an opening to the house above, not like your typical basement which is completely enclosed like another floor. There are pillars holding stairs up and each one of us is grabbing whatever pillar is nearby. One of my friends (more like acquaintances) from the Internet is there with her sister grabbing a pillar, my brother is grabbing a pillar, my daughter is grabbing one and I am hanging onto one. Above us the tornadoes are raging and roaring so loud you have to scream to be heard and we are being blown and are terrified. My Internet ‘friend’ and her sister get swept away into a tornado. I look over at my brother and I scream at him probably three times “don’t you let go!” ,”don’t you let go!” and then I scream the same thing at my daughter many times and we are all holding on for dear life. The sky is so black and it is so loud and rumbling with the wind blowing ferociously. Then I wake up shaking with the words sitting on my tongue- “Don’t you let go!”.

It was very real and when I woke I felt like I had been really screaming.


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