Such Chaos at Times

Hey guys. I realized I need to update a little since the 24th of last month. So I went through an extreme manic high, spending too much money and getting things that probably could have waited. I truly have learned my lesson. I went through this about two years ago and swore I never would do it again. It’s awful to go through and I did not sleep for days rendering me physically sick due to my hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. I was losing my short term memory as well. Something I thought went so quickly it was a matter of seconds that I had forgotten whatever it was, even important things like driving were complicated. I started to feel like I was in places but not really feeling like I was physically there, sort of dissociation. It was bad but I finally got some medicine for anxiety and my depression meds seem to be helping. I have gotten sleep for a few nights now and I am slowly improving.

As for my Remicade for my RA. I received my first infusion which went flawlessly. Unfortunately I woke with a headache that day and could not get rid of it before the infusion. After I went home I was a little tired but not bad and my headache by nightfall blew into a huge migraine. My daughter who also suffers from migraines ended up with one as well. So off to the Er for relief. We both received shots and I had to take an additional medicine for my nausea since the Phenergan did not work. Thankful for no pain we went home and she slept but once again I did not. Wired and anxious I could not sleep but free of my pain. The next morning it started to weave it’s way into my brain again but I was able to fend it off with allergy nasal medications which I realized must be the cause for increase in my headaches! This has happened last year this time as well, an increase in the headaches. The allergist who is wonderful helped me with my asthma and these nasty allergies. So yesterday was a great day and today was a good day. My medicine is still causing me to feel sort of sludgy in the AM but I really hope that stops soon and I know falling asleep before 3 AM would help but I am glad for any sleep.

It’s been a rough past month or two but things are improving for me and I am thankful. My husband gets his surgery after being injured almost a year on the 23rd and we both are nervous. I always get worried when he is going in for surgery. I think this is part of my anxiety problem lately. I am so scared for him but happy he may be feeling relief in 3-6 months. I love him more than I could ever describe just like my children.

So guys I am hanging in here. I am so glad things are feeling a little better but I still require my pain medicine for my RA. I am hoping beyond all hope after the second infusion I will notice a difference. ♥


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