So it’s been awhile….. Not much to say other than my moods seem to be leveling out although when I have a migraine I either plummet or go in the reverse and get euphoria. It’s a very interesting conundrum. Otherwise I do fine the past few weeks. I spent about three times in the ER with the migraines but oh so thankful for the relief when they helped me. Two of the times were in the same week within three days of one another. I have however restarted Neurontin for the migraines and so far so good. The Geodon is helping tremendously for my mania but on occasion I do have depression. The pdoc is talking about re-adding low dose this time of Lithium which has worked fantastic for me in the past or adding Lamictal. I seem to have some odd reactions every time I take Lamictal so I am not sure how that will work out and I am definitely leaning more toward the low dose of lithium. Ho hum… not much else to report. My RA has been being a little devil causing me quite a bit of pain although I am receiving my infusion this week. I seem to do horrible two days before my methotrexate which is on Saturdays and then a week or two before my infusion I get an increase in pain as well.  I am really hoping to work this out because I feel like the Remicade for the RA does help as well as the methotrexate.

So I am hanging in there. Which is a positive thing ! Lots of hope right now  but I just hope (haha) that nothing crashes my bubble even though it’s not a euphoric bubble. ♥


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