Feeling better today. Thank goodness. Thank God. Got to love med changes and not sure if they could work after half a week but I don’t feel so up tight, anxious and out of control. I am thankful for that. Still working on tapering the dosages up. I was getting a bit worried about my hope, it had disappeared and that scared me. It was a large spiral downward but even though I hit bottom I am still making my way up slowly and doing better today. I hate hitting bottom because it’s hard to get back up but I can do this. Pain or no pain I CAN make my way back up. I might be or feel fragile but if I’m careful I can be back to where I was. This will work.


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  1. Kate,

    I like that you can share your experience with BP disease. It is stigmatized to the point that I get so angry with people that have started using this term light-heartedly. Although not bipolar myself, I do suffer from severe anxiety at times. Ok, so I have an anxiety disorder. Big deal, right?

    That too, feels like a stigma. Add some chronic diseases to my repertoire and you have a recipe that would make anyone flee. Well, I have to thank people like you Kate, for saying it like it is.

    You have so much courage. Please continue to be that Kate. If ever you feel like you are being sucked into a deep, black vortex of hell, remember that there are people like myself, who care about you.




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