So my daughter is sick and I mean sick. We have been to the ER on numerous occasions and last night being a huge long visit. She had an asthma attack but because of her ongoing chest pain also an EKG which the EKG was abnormal and chest x-ray inflammation. I did get to see her x-ray and see what her heart looks like 🙂 I am such a worried mom. She has to see a cardiologist this week and soon a pulmonologist for her asthma. I am very concerned something is going on no one is finding. I do have some fear she has a nasty case of JRA. Seeing as RA runs in the family…. Not much else to say other than I feel just awful for her. My poor baby.

My OT is going well of my hands. Yet I woke this afternoon with severe pain in the hand/wrist that I don’t wear the splint on. Seems in my sleep I am curling my wrists and hands causing intense pain and wasn’t given a splint for the right arm so I suffered. It hurt sooo bad. The other night I kept stretching and it kept waking me then I woke with a terrible cramp in my calf. THAT hurt so bad I yelled. So my muscles and tendons are not happy with me right now.


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