The Nature of Having Bipolar

Mentally I am hanging in there and hoping to not break down from anything. One small upset throws me over the edge almost every time but I have learned that having bipolar disorder I must take things in small chunks (thanks to a friend) and learn that it’s the nature of the illness, to get pushed over the edge with even minor stresses. Bipolar is not always predictable and I am not because of that. My memory fails me on so many occasions on remembering coping skills, that is where a lot of my problem lies. It’s having friends and loved ones that understand I can be unpredictable and to help me cope when I can’t that make life so much more manageable. I don’t expect to be excused from anything but it helps when others have some education about the nature of bipolar otherwise in my life I have lost friends who just can’t handle my unpredictability. Friends who also have preconceived ideas of how someone with bipolar acts when those actors in movies can be very far from reality. Everything is taken to extremes on television thus creating quite a stigma. Even family members have pulled away and that in itself creates a sadness in me.


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