In the darkness no one sees

You think it fixes everything but it doesn’t. You think you’re better but you really aren’t, or aren’t as close to better as you’d like. You seek answers but cannot get them nor understand what is going on inside. How can anyone else understand? You want to be perfect in a way. You want to be like everyone else and love yourself. You want to be the person everyone else wants and needs you to be but you can’t. In my eyes the world is a much more different place. It’s dark yet full of fire. It’s fear and desperation. It’s screams in the dark that no one can hear. It’s pounding fists on walls that no one can hear nor see. Its crying over and over without a touch from someone to heal the pain. When you need someone to hug you, to comfort you it feels as if no one is there, that the touch really isn’t there. It’s a thousand hands grabbing you in the dark and your screams no on can hear. It’s knives tearing at your flesh but death never comes. This is my world. This is my darkness.


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