Feeling better dare I say?

Feeling better tonight. I am hoping it’s the meds starting to work and I will continue to feel better but I must get to bed soon or the cycling will just continue. So now I am on Abilify with my Emsam patches. The doctor at the hospital also raised my Neurontin which was originally for my migraines so that it would also combat my anxiety. So far so good and it did calm me down. It’s been a week since I was first admitted to the hospital. I was only there from last Friday to last Monday evening. It was a very short stay and I felt very scared to be back home but so far I am doing OK. I felt the need to punish myself and did so. Now I am paying some of that price unfortunately. I am just glad to say I’m holding on. I did receive some great encouragement from a new friend. I am so thankful for that. Time for bed and I leave with a song that’s been on my mind. Love to my readers and those who have been thinking of me.


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