Improving Conditions… but tired

Well all I can say is the last couple days have been better and less stress. Thank God. I am feeling better mentally too but physically not so well. My RA is messing with me and I am due for my infusion this week. I am very very tired this evening. I think it’s either from all the past stress catching up with me, my methotrexate from yesterday, being sick or just plain RA acting up in the form of a flare. My wrist, fingers and ankles are hurting so I am leaning towards a little of everything. I think everything is catching up with me physically. Now I just need to rest. Part of the problem is this week will be a very busy week so not much time to rest. Friday I have an endoscopy to evaluate my reflux. I know my family is tired of having to do all this running to doctors etc but so am I. It tires me too. I don’t enjoy it even though it does get me out of the house. Anyway… I met a couple new real good friends online, wish they all lived close by. It would be nice to bond with some other people who understand things. For now I can chat and text and it already has helped me. I hope I can always return the help to my friends. I want to give more than I take.


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