Today was a Good Day

Today was a good day. Yesterday was a decent day but I have been very tired lately. Tomorrow is my RA infusion day. I am hoping it will correct the fatigue. I did real well my first 8 weeks and I am so glad. I hope I have the same results this time. It’s nice to report a good day 🙂 Mentally things are going well again at least so far anyway. I think the new meds are helping but I have a problem with one my insurance won’t cover and is $500 a month. I was told I can get prior auth from the insurance through my doctor for the insurance to cover this medicine. I am still worried about what my cost would be even after that. So I am hanging in there mentally and physically, just some nasty fatigue lately. I feel very sleep deprived. I wish I wasn’t so tired and I could drive myself tomorrow. I hate making my family wait on me but I have no choice until I get this fatigue taken care of. I honestly don’t feel like I can do the drive.

My new friends are also great, wanted to mention them. I am so glad to have them and they are supportive. I wish I could live near a few of them, it would be nice to have some real life friends. I only have one anymore and she lives very far away. Have been thinking about going to some support groups and maybe meet people there. I used to attend two different ones and maybe I can attend at least one again. I will be starting therapy come Monday and I am worried about sticking it out. I don’t do so well with that especially when something in therapy causes me stress. Oh well, we will see how it goes. For now, one day at a time, one step at a time and if I have to, one moment/minute at a time.


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