Lots to do Lots to do….

Well Emsam is a no go. There is no way to get prior authorization on it. So I have to stop it but I am going to start an oral MAOI to see if I can get the same relief. There will be diet restrictions to follow with this one, and strict ones at that but I think I can handle it. I am so tired and so sleep deprived yet I do not sleep. This is horrible. I hope my doctor remembers to call something in for me to get some sleep. I can’t take much of this anymore. I am about to go crazy without getting sleep. I am already falling dead asleep instantly at the weirdest time, almost like a narcoleptic. I don’t know how those with narcolepsy do it. It scares the crap out of me when i fall asleep like that! It just happens anywhere at any time.

Had my infusion today and got copies of my labs. Kidney function has declined a little but my ESR and CRP have gone down since starting Remicade YAY! I knew I was having less pain and it shows although my doctor still finds sore spots and inflammation on my body that I miss. The infusion went well other than my heart rate getting pretty low and I actually fell forward at one point into a dead sleep and jerked back up. Not sure if that was due to my heart rate being so low or just lack of sleep. Or maybe I passed out and woke up that quickly? How weird either way and the infusion nurse was busy and didn’t notice. I was sort of embarrassed.

I have an EGD (endoscopy) on Friday to check out my stomach and throat. Ever since I woke choking on stomach acid and in my nose too where I couldn’t breathe at all I have worried when I fall asleep will it happen again. It scared me because I couldn’t get a breath in and I thought I was going to choke to death at three in the morning! So we will see if my reflux has been acting up even though I’m on Nexium. I read something about silent reflux too. Who knows. I have been on Nexium for over two years. It’s been a busy week and Monday I go back to therapy. I am seeing my old therapist and we will see how that ends up. Hopefully for the better.

I baked a from scratch apple pie the other day!!!! It turned out SO freaking good. It was gone in less than 24 hours here. I plan on making another for Thanksgiving for my family. I think they will love it. So next week will be a sort of busy week but only because I will be with family and NOT doctor’s visits thankfully. We all need a break. I am sad I won’t be with my hubby on Thanksgiving since he has to work but we should get Christmas together. So have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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