More and More stability?

So I started the MAOI yesterday and have done nothing but sleep but I really needed it. I welcome it. Yesterday was also my mtx day so that I am sure added to the fatigue and tiredness. Today I am still very tired and seriously considering a nap at this moment. My mood seems real stable, more stable than it has been in a long time and it could be just the Abilify is working. I was on Emsam for a few weeks before switching to this oral MAOI so maybe that is helping too, not sure. The diet restrictions on this medicine are a bit difficult because I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet and a lot of what we buy I am not allowed to have. So this will require some shopping time so that I can look into ingredients.

So I am staying with my mom for about a week but my husband is staying home. So we won’t be together for Thanksgiving and that makes me sad. I don’t want him to be alone that day and I want to be with him however my family wants my daughter and I to be with them. They want my hubby to be there too but he has to work. We are finally getting caught up on bills and things here. I have to work on paying some people back in a few months that helped us. Anyway, I am hanging in there. My RA is behaving today pain wise but fatigue is there. Lucky me. About the holidays, at this point I am just ready for them to be over with. I just don’t feel like I can celebrate much this year and I am not sure at this point why I feel this way.


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