Well it’s Thanksgiving today and I am very thankful for those in my life. The days have been improving thankfully too. I seem to be feeling more stable on all of my meds and other than a few aches and pains my RA has been behaving. I am grateful for those things too. I do get nasty blurry vision with I think my Parnate (MAOI) but I am dealing with it. I still have to titrate up on the dose next week, not on the full dose yet even though I believe it’s helping.

I can’t seem to sleep past three or four AM anymore and have been falling asleep sitting up in the evening because of this. I sure wish my sleep was better patterned. I was already up at three AM this morning. I also am not home this week, I am staying at my mom’s and it takes some getting used to sleeping in another bed. My husband is at home unfortunately due to having to work this holiday. I miss him and it’s only been half a week but I love him very much.

Well Happy Thanksgiving…..


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