I need Some Sleep…

Well Thanksgiving and the day after really wore me out. To top everything off I haven’t been sleeping. Last night I actually got about four hours thankfully. Usually I sleep an hour wake up and then maybe another hour total and wake up. My eye has been driving me crazy twitching from lack of sleep. I get to a point where I can’t sleep and then I just get up out of bed. I saw my doctor yesterday and thankfully he prescribed something for sleep. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am doing well otherwise. My mood seems to be quite an even keel but I am so tired all of the time I wonder if I just am not exhausted. well I know I am exhausted because I doze off everywhere and at any time. He asked me if there were something wrong because my demeanor was different but honestly I think it’s just from being tired and I told him that.

My back has been hurting for days and I have no idea why. I don’t think I have RA in that area but I have in the past had extreme pain in my spine. I hate when my back hurts because it’s one of my more pain sensitive parts of my body. Probably why labor about killed me when I delivered my daughter years ago. My knees have been hurting real bad since this cold snap too. It was 23 when I woke this morning and that is just too cold for where I live and too cold for me. I burned my ear on my flat iron yesterday too. It hurt like heck! I have been so absent minded from no sleep and exhausted. Not to mention my pain level isn’t being helped by my Lortab and I think my body just needs to rest.

Get this. My cat was mad at me meowing in my face this morning because I didn’t let him in my lap while I had the heating blanket on me. I had my laptop on my lap instead and he was downright ticked off at me. I moved it and he jumped into my lap and went to sleep. How spoiled is he? VERY 😉

Today my daughter sees the pulmonologist about her breathing problems. I am hoping they can give us some solutions as to what is going on. I also have some mold concerns I need to bring up. If all this isn’t some sort of asthma, mold or something else then I am guessing anxiety. She has always been a very anxious child. She has panic attacks but not real often. So we will see what they say today. I am hoping she checks out OK and it’s just anxiety even though she will still need treatment/help for her anxiety problems. Will have some answers today.


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