Insomnia- My only Friend

wow who’d have thought insomnia can kill you LOL. geez…guess I better work harder on sleeping. Besides, it gets boring when everyone is sleeping and you are the only one awake. I honestly have no idea why I can’t sleep. It’s causing some hallucinations during the day from not sleeping. Haven’t mentioned it to anyone but they are so minor didn’t think it was a big deal. The last one occurred yesterday with Family. Nothing major like you’d see in Hollywood but hallucinations nonetheless. Tonight I will try sleeping again shortly. It’s already getting late. I feel like I am awake constantly, even when I get an hour here or there and I am up again. I am a zombie. going through the motions every day but nothing new. what the hell? And when the clock rolls back around to morning I am happy because the rest of the world is awake again. I am no longer alone in a sense. Insomnia is my only understanding friend.


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