Release Me

This is awful, truly awful the way my brain and body works. Can I just please get a new one? I feel like screaming and crying at the same time. Then I laugh hysterically at how I feel. I obviously am stressed or really the definition of crazy because I do repeat the same thing expecting different results. It’s insanity. Jesus someone help me. Talk to me. Anyone? But then what would we talk about? About how awful I feel or that I hate my life. No one wants to talk you through that, well except a good friend…. in my experience over the years lovers, friends and spouses don’t want to hear that stuff. They don’t want to know how crazy you feel. They don’t want to know how you are screaming inside for the demons to leave your brain and for the physical pain to stop. They don’t want to know you are in constant pain. What do you do to live the rest of your life when you are in constant pain – physically and mentally? There is no cure for either so you wait and deal with it everyday. well I tell you a person can only take so much. The mental pain kills me the worst. If I could I would light my brain on fire and watch it burn dancing but we all know with no brain you’re dead. Jesus none of this is even making sense but it’s how I feel. Tired of the chaos upstairs someone release me!


One thought on “Release Me

  1. Kate, this feels like what i felt like to a “T” before
    i got on my anti-depressant or when taken off it.
    I’m worried about you because i know what it feels like
    ..this mental anguish..the burning horrible things in my
    mind..i was so depressed i cried at TV commercials even.
    Kate, I will be your friend.


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