Pitiful Friendships and a Pathetic life

I am tired of trying when it comes to friends. I feel like I am giving my all and no one is returning anything, not even 25%. So I will just move on. Celebrate those who are still in my life that do care which isn’t many but I have a few. My husband and I had a long discussion about friendships and how I am very different with mine than most people. I think I learned a few things considering he has healthy friendships himself.

So my daughter is being treated now for severe social anxiety and is going to be checked for autism next month. She is also being treated for depression. I worry so much about her and the medicine seems to help her a bit. She is definitely going to need therapy. I think it is pretty pathetic I have to share everything in this blog because none of my friends are around as usual. I am feeling pretty pathetic at the moment really. I am having a lot of physical pain today too. I was supposed to get my infusion a week or so ago but the roads were icy so the office closed and said we would come in later on. Well I still haven’t gotten a call and the pain is in some crappy places. My feet hurt, my chest bones, my knees and my feet/ankles which are incredibly swollen. I honestly wish I could have gone longer without pain but soon as it was the day after I was supposed to get that infusion it started. I was told my diagnosis is AS or ankylosing spondylitis and not RA so that’s another new one for me. Guess time will tell if I get damage and where etc. I am getting headache. So pathetic to talk to a blog entry. Yea. Pathetic.


One thought on “Pitiful Friendships and a Pathetic life

  1. wow! you have so much going on… and as for the new diagnoses I have not heard of that one before so I think we should learn more about it together what ya say?
    I know you must be worried for your daughter but know that you did not cause her condition and that you are doing everything and then some for her.
    Friendships… yes, I agree it is time to move on from those who at first appeared to be friends but walk the other direction when you need them.


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