Pain and Forgiveness

So I am not sleeping well at all but it’s only because of the pain I feel in my legs. My AS or RA what have you has gotten my legs completely swollen and red. I am tired though this morning and considering trying a nap. Just took something for pain and while it normally keeps me up I feel sleepy. Must be lack of sleep. I know it’s been awhile since I have made an entry but I have been through a very long thought process on a friendship gone bad and I had to work my way through it. I have and I feel better for it, especially because I did what I needed to be the right kind of person I am. Apologizing for what I have done wrong and move on. Seeing as the friend did not want to make amends after my private message I can understand that. People make mistakes but that doesn’t mean they have to forgive you, we can just hope they do and move on. In regards to my AS I really honestly wish I could have my Remicade. It worked. It kept all the pain and swelling away but now I am stuck with Humira thanks to a horrible prescription plan I am on that requires payment up front instead of allowing Remicade to reimburse through their programs. I just got tired of trying to find a way to get it and gave in. I decided I would try Humira again because Enbrel for two years was a waste of my time, waste of my joints! I’m tired though, very tired this morning. In regards to my friendship, I forgive myself.


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