Curve balls and Spondy Awareness

So more curve balls thrown my way but I am ready to deal with them, at least for now. Bipolar is once again in the news and we will see where it goes, either negatively or maybe others will gain understanding, but through my experiences I don’t get my hopes up. Others don’t understand it just like they don’t understand any other illness. My AS is doing better unless you count the TMJ/TMD which has been giving me hell. Weeks of pain. I see a specialist next week for that and I sure hope he can help. My daughter is not doing so well. She is having panic attacks every night. I am very concerned about her anxiety. Her depression is getting worse too and she has an emergency appointment beginning of next week. She was supposed to go to a center here but will have to wait so she can also have her migraines addressed at the children’s neurology center here. Her head is a barometer. She can feel a storm coming two days ahead. Massive pain and it explodes when the storm hits and she feels better. It does seem to be the only thing that sets them off. Lately it seems to be the only thing setting my AS off too, a bad storm. My TMD on the other hand is set off by eating or sleeping. It’s awful. Anyway…. life just gets busy for us and then there is a lull and then super busy again.

So it’s almost world AS day! April is coming to an end and so is Spondylitis Awareness Month. I tried to do my part and I did educate some family and some believe it or not, medical technicians/doctor’s offices. I don’t know everything yet about my disease. I know quite a bit but I want to know more and to share more. I have had Bipolar longer and still learning about it but know more about it. I love to feed my mind and we need more education when it comes to AS and Bipolar. There is a lot of stigma when it comes to both diseases, believe it or not.


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