“My Pain” By Kate Stone

“My Pain” by: Kate Stone

The pain;
it’s there.
It’s always there.
It eats away at my brain
like some sort of parasite.

A tear rolls down my cheek
but I feel I am beyond tears.
I sit in this chair as the world moves
it moves without me
I am trapped;
locked in my head
nowhere to go.

I am screaming.
Someone help me!
Let me out!
Stop this demon inside me!
I can’t take this anymore.
I can’t take the pain.
I can feel my skin tearing in every direction,
My heart bleeding out.

I can’t get out
I can’t get out
So much pain
So much pain
I am rocking back and forth
I can hear myself screaming
but can anyone else?

Please, can anyone hear me?
Release me from this agony.
I can’t breathe.
The world is spinning around me,
Spinning out of control.
I want to stop this…
I have to stop this!
Save me, please, someone!
I can’t stop screaming- Someone please hear my cries!

The pain will never end. The nothingness envelops me.


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