“Lead Me” By Kate Stone

Please take my hand
Lead me
Down the right path
Down the path to happiness
away from sadness and pain
away from fear and regret

Lead me
take me away from the mad world
spin me around
embrace me
drape my body in flower petals
kiss me over and over
make me smile

lead me to where there is no more pain
to where the sun kisses my cheek
lead me where there is no more darkness
where there is no confusion
no tears and no loss

love me forever
hold me forever
don’t ever let me go
heal my bruises
heal my wounds
touch my face
touch my hair

lead me to happiness
lead me to God
embrace me forever
take me away…
where I never ever remember
any of my tears
or why they kissed my cheeks
in the first place

Love me
please, help me
and just love me


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