Me? A Patient Activist? You had Better Believe it!

So an Internet friend of mine named Shelly decided after two women committed suicide that she wanted to try and help more people with depression and chronic illness. She wanted to somehow come up with a way to help them, a group of some sort on a famous social networking site we all know about- Facebook. I saw the post and jumped in right away knowing there are several depression and bipolar groups out there in existence already for those suffering but there was yet a real good solid group out there for those of us suffering with chronic pain and depression. We needed help too. We needed an outlet socially. Somewhere we could reach our peers where we would also be understood because let’s face it, not just anyone can understand what it’s like to suffer chronic pain and depression together. I pushed hard in the discussion, and pushed harder. I immediately sent a message to one of the ladies- who is a dear Internet friend, named Chris, looking to create the group, and insisted we could do this. We could set this thing up!

I wanted more than anything to help other people because helping other people makes me feel so good. It lifts my spirits and lifts my depression and makes me feel useful and gives me purpose. So derived from the original RA Chicks with the basics and 15 total people (administrators)- the group on Facebook was born- Depression Support for those with chronic Pain or Illnesses. We have all different people that are members with different diagnoses across the board and it is growing every day. I feel so good knowing I am helping others. All this because of one social networking site and RA Chicks was I able to reach other patients who suffer from debilitating diseases the same or similar to mine. I want to continue to reach out to people and educate others on what it’s like to live with depression and chronic pain because it is no joke. This is serious. People are dying. People are not able to live with this pain. There are days I cannot live with the pain and I have a hard time getting up off the bed- times I don’t want to breathe or feel like I can’t suck in another breath. We must reach out to people before it is too late and allow people to reach out to us. We as patients have each other. We need one another. It is a battle we face and will face forever until there is a cure for each of us.


4 thoughts on “Me? A Patient Activist? You had Better Believe it!

  1. That’s fantastic that you helped create a group just for that niche. There are many with chronic illness and many with depression, but you are so right, that those with both are a special group with unique needs.


  2. Hi, Kate! Great post.I’d love it even if I wasn’t mentioned in it. LOL The group, “Depression Support for Those With Chronic Pain or Illnesses,” is an awesome form of mental and psychological support! I’m so glad we can help others.



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