Secretly the World Whispers…

I feel my heart beating faster, the desperation kicking into overdrive and I am losing. What you say? Everything in my mind. This dance of life is out of control. The music is going too fast for me and I can’t keep up. I shut my eyes hoping when I reopen them things will be different. The beat changes but things are still the same. The cold emptiness remains. I fear everything going on and anything that may happen. I can’t seem to stop this, my mess of depressive chaos. For nothing would possibly last in the end of chaos. Secretly the world whispers in my ears that it has me in it’s grasp. I dare it to push me. I am waiting. Waiting for it. The dark stillness of the night has once again become a wretched day. Sleep only comes to me at random brief fleeting moments. I don’t even care for it anymore. For it’s angels who truly sleep I believe. Mass chaos raging inside this life and nothing will last. I am at the crescendo, the drop off and waiting


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