Baby Steps and Deep Breaths

Some days the physical pain of ankylosing spondylitis is too much and I have to find a way to get through it and keep my head. So I have to learn to reach out to my friends and loved ones who will listen. If they can’t be there then I have my blog or my personal journal to write in here at home. Learning to weather the storms was not an easy thing and some days it’s harder than others. Some days I just simply want a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Some days I just want to be left alone to lie in bed and not be touched. I surely couldn’t live without my pain medicine, Biofreeze, Voltaren gel, ice packs or heating pad. Depending on where or when the pain is depends on what I use but emotionally weathering the storm it gets much trickier. Being chronically ill we depend on loved ones and friends sometimes for that little boost of confidence that maybe this one time we can get through this pain or this one time it won’t last forever. Just those simple reminders can break a ruminating thought that would otherwise send us into a spiraling depression from which we might feel there is no escape. If you know someone in pain encourage them that it won’t last forever. Help them weather the storm. Whether it’s emotional or physical pain. You just might get them through the next five minutes they thought they couldn’t get through. It’s all about baby steps and deep breaths.


One thought on “Baby Steps and Deep Breaths

  1. Good for you… It’s nearly impossible fir me to talk to anyone other than my notebook. No friend or family member can get me to open up so freely… Not even my therapist. Writing is the best way that u know how to express myself. Great post!!! Check out my blog and let me know what you think. I’ll take all the advice I can get 🙂


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