You Only Live Once

I have had a few weeks to think things over. Things began rough but so far I am pushing forward! I am healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been! I have support and my own strength. I am satisfied in knowing I tried my hardest to work things out with my husband but he does not want to work this marriage out. I have had my closure. He is happy with his life the way it is and I want bigger and better things in this world. I am out looking for work every day and hopefully will find something soon. Christmas is coming but I have hardly noticed, yes it’s a little sad considering I have a daughter but I have to move through the holidays this way. The holidays were always big for me but this cannot be that way for me this year. He ruined Thanksgiving for me and maybe Christmas but I am moving forward. Our anniversary is this month but I am trying not to think about that. No need to worry about something that is going to be trivial at this point and from now on. I think it will hurt around this time of year for a little while but eventually all wounds will heal. They say time does heal and they are right in that. I miss him and I probably always will but someone out there will treat me better someday and won’t abandon me and will always keep their promises. I will find that person. Even if I have to wade through a ton of bad eggs, I will find that special person someday. I am worth it, and I know I am a good person worthy of good things in this life. I may have issues but I am a good person and I know I am doing everything I can to stay strong and healthy. I have had missteps over the years but a lot has changed, maybe it’s the turning point in my life, I don’t know, but I know I can succeed at anything I do and I will. Now is the time. You only get one chance in this life. You only live once. So I am going to live it the best way I can.


One thought on “You Only Live Once

  1. Kate~ You are indeed worth it & you are a good person worthy of good things in this life! Maintain that attitude in spite of everything and never give up hope. Allow your daughter to be your source of strength. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending the most amazing positive energy your way!


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