Just Help Me.. Please?

I am so tired of life. I am tired of everything. Find it all in the bible the many others who felt like shit, felt like a piece OF shit. I hate my life. I am one person doing everything my life requires. Sounds easy eh? Try it. Broken foot and all. Try it with a child who is sick often and requires a lot of attention. JUST TRY ME. I can’t fucking stand this war zone that is my life. I am not the type to literally run away but oh run I will. Fuck all the stupid jerks who have broken my heart and brought me down; those who have badgered me and insulted me. Those who weren’t in my life when they should have been. YOU all brought me to this point. Now not any love in the WORLD could reverse what you have done. I am so angry I would stab myself in the throat or neck were there not a kid sitting here. All of you who did this- YOU are adult bullies. Screw kid bullying I know it’s valid and important but what about us adults that are bullied in other ways; broken hearts, physical beatings/slaps/restraining, drugs anything. I am tired of it and I am raising a child in this world?? God stand with her because she has one helluva fight coming as an adult. Fuck some weirdo asking me out on a date that turns into a creepy guy who knows he is going to get maced/pepper sprayed the minute he is within 8 feet of me or more! Why can’t people just get along as normal friends or share things as friends instead it has to get all weird and creepy. There is another person he comes near me he’s fucked; after all a restraining order is only paper and I hope he knows I will defend myself. Screw this, him, love, life, breathing for God’s sakes! Like Habakkuk- God where are you?! Why are you letting these horrible things happen- HELP ME, just help me…. help me!? Please?
~Komodo~ AKA KAJ 2014


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