Andrew has an emotional grace about him that meets my heart
There I was waiting on my pastor or Andrew to respond
thinking well you lost them both
like everyone else you do in this world

with my messed up head

Here I am deciding whether to kill myself,
yes I was
And Andrew

My brain might be messed up
but there’s Andrew

I wonder God (when he messages me) ‘are you blatantly throwing things at me
so I will get it in this stupid head of mine?’ Oh I have

have been waiting for the bad parts about Andrew
everyone eventually shows their true colors

but what if those colors are exactly what you need?
a rainbow of beauty?
I’m waiting for the bad parts but he’s he’s he’s “Untouchable”;
God’s own
Dare I say another angel on this Earth?

Now he can deny all the way to Mars that he would never ever
be so special; but he is
How many times have you saved my life from thousands of miles away?
How many times do you pray for me?
How many times has God answered?

He is humble and doesn’t realize his importance
I am reminded every day
If anyone deserves the air I breathe that would need it-

I love you. You ARE important. Don’t ever say goodbye.
KAJ 2014


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