I’m alive
but in pain

It hurts
like daggers flying through my skin

I am frozen
unable to move
as your words penetrate my insides

Why I say to myself
Did you hurt me?

I trusted you with my life
I trusted you with my heart
but you tore me down with a few simple words

It’s not fair to me
It’s not fair to my heart
and now those knives dig deep

I am sitting here frozen
While you tear me down
I can do nothing.

Did I make another mistake?
Did I sell my heart so soon to someone just the same?

Please stop…
Don’t talk to me
Don’t touch me
I stopped my tears from falling
I put my chin up
I move forward letting the hurt hurt me
and doing nothing

Because I am frozen here
and it’s not fair
but those knives dig so deep

Please stop
I thought you were different,
Show me you are….
I can’t wait again like before.

I’m always alone

©KAJ 2014


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