My Pain Lost Today

My pain may try to win
but it lost today
because I am still here

My pain stabs into my body
like a thousand knives into my brain
my hands, my back and my legs
my whole body

I feel destitute
no one to talk to
no one who understands
but I whisper a prayer
and my pain seems to just ease
it doesn’t go away
but I can suddenly take a breath

my pain didn’t win today
I can still breathe
I can lay down and cry
but my pain hasn’t won today
I won’t let it win
I will quiet the pain in my mind
I will quiet the pain in my body
my tears will fall
but my pain will not win
and it has not won today

I believe
because I believe
it will never win over me
I may cry
I may scream
I may want to give in
But it will NEVER win
I refuse to let it
As long as my hand can reach
and if it can’t someone reaches mine
It will not win
My pain is a thousand knives
my brain may melt
like it’s on the surface of the sun
but I won’t give up dammit
I refuse!
You can have my tears
You will never have my soul
you will never have me

I will always, always believe
in myself



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