25 Of The WORST Tinniest Things To Happen

In no order of magnitude or importance.

  1. Stubbing your toe.
  2. Ripping your fingernail off too far down.
  3. Paper cuts.
  4. Slamming your finger in a door.
  5. Biting your finger when eating.
  6. Audible farting (passing wind) in an inappropriate place.
  7. Getting a cat scratch.
  8. Having something in your teeth and no one tells you until you see it in the mirror yourself.
  9. Spilling on something very, very important.
  10. Toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
  11. Stepping on chewing gum.
  12. Throwing something out only to get something icky on your hand.
  13. Getting something in your eye.
  14. Getting your zipper stuck on your coat.
  15. When the cheese comes off your hot pizza and hits your chin.
  16. Break a nail.
  17. Bad hair day.
  18. Trying to fit into your older jeans, You swear it’ll work, jump up and down to get them on and they won’t zip.
  19. Having a cold.
  20. Mosquito bites.
  21. Splinters.
  22. Losing a sock.
  23. Someone you know breaks into song when some key words are mentioned.
  24. Getting something in your shoe.
  25. Having your foot start itching while you are wearing a shoe. (Usually when driving..)

© KAB 2015



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