Music of God

I like to think of dancing
flowing ever so fluidly.
My heart beating to the music,
His music.

I know now that
I will wait
I will wait for Him
For He will come from the Heavens
to take us Home.

God and Jesus will take me up
After all the suffering has ceased,
no more pain, no more tears
a quiet refrain

And then the music from Heaven
beautiful music, comes out of the sky
played by angels
on high

No more killing
No more stealing
No more breaking of commandments

Reunification with loved ones
who’ve been slumbering
meeting those you always wish you’d met
meeting Jesus!

Animals no longer longing for meat
animals playing with children
lions! Cougars! Bears!

I always said I couldn’t wait to go
and tried to kill myself
because Earth was too hard
my life was too hard
that I never did anything right

But I found the truth! Written in an ancient book
the oldest book in history,
one that has been translated in many languages
My God! Oh I have found time NO I have MADE time
to read this book.

I no longer feel hopeless as often
I found living for God is my purpose
as well as living for my family, my daughter
The Bible has given me strength to ride
the horrible waves of Satan trying to torture me

I hear less voices, I don’t want to cut and I take my medication
God speaks to me through His word and Jesus holds my hand.
Sure I get sad, but I’m a mere mortal waiting for Jesus

and wait I will because He is coming
to wake those from their slumber,
to take those alive and living a Jesus driven life
to be with Him
to be in the New City.

No more pain. No more pain. When the tribulation comes.
Be with Jesus like I will. My friends, I may never meet you in life
But I want to meet you in the New City.


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