Living in My Moment

The ribbon cutting across
making beautiful vibrations
in my heart I am singing
in my body I am feeling
my mouth wants to hum the tune

swaying ever so gently over the strings
I hear it, do  you?

The piano keys tapping a melodious harmony
while the ribbon softly glides

My body begins to move side to side in a whisper
the beat picks up, the reverberating orchestral bass is in my chest
I close my eyes
a smile purses my lips

If I wanted to dance and spin in circles
now would be that time
The sound of that ribbon! Those strings! 
The fingers plucking… 

My heart beat races to the sound in time
My breathing picks up as my feet move
A final sigh when it all comes to a stop

That’s my moment.
That’s where I live. 

©KAB 2015


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