Everything is a Waste

Stop it

Stop doing this to me!
I don’t want to bleed
but you’ve planted that seed

I don’t want to die
but you want me to
Stop leading me to dangerous places

I feel my body splitting
tearing in two
Can’t think, can’t concentrate and can’t elate

My brain telling me to say goodbye
My brain telling me to say everything’s Okay
But everything is just a lie

I am spinning out of control
give me something to hold
Be BOLD and take on this load
say goodbye no say hello

Everything is a waste
I’ll stop breathing, thinking and feeling
being forgotten
Everything is a waste

The splitting is making me crazy
My brain feels hazy
Please catch me
Everything is a waste

Do it do it do it….
No but I’ll be forgotten, alive or dead
Get out of my head!
I will bleed
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it

Everything is a waste
So this is where I stop moving, breathing and thinking
I can’t win
My insides are growing thin
Everything is a waste
©KAB 2015


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