Demons In The Night

Let me tell you something I know about evil in the night. Recently I was sleeping only to awake completely paralyzed,  frightened and unable to move. Somehow I saw this dark figure standing by my door. I was scared and before a mere second went by, it was next to me, staring into my eyes. It was black with the most evil eyes I had ever seen and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream. Then it left almost as quickly as it came but it felt like an eternity of fear. I was then able to move. I was shaking all over.

Now I don’t know what your beliefs may be but I truly believe there are evil entities trying to get at us. Maybe not all of the time but I’ve seen it. I’ve seen circles of light in our family photos from different cameras over different years in different houses. Usually surrounding my sister,  rarely myself, and once with my daughter. I’ve felt hands touching my back. I’ve heard balls bouncing in a room where my sister slept as a child while she slept. It’s real. My mother had seen the face of an evil entity while I was a child. My daughter as a younger child was pushed off her bed and would hear odd sounds at night. It’s real, maybe some of us are more of a target, I don’t know all the answers. I wish sometimes I did but other times glad I don’t.

In these days I will say, the end is coming, and the devil will be given Earth As we know it. Before he inherits it, I will meet my fellow loved ones in Christ and I won’t be here and for that I am truly thankful.

For what I experienced, I want no part of any evil. You can believe what you choose but evil is here. I hope I never experience it ever again myself. I don’t wish what I’ve experienced on my worst enemy.


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