Eulogy For You

As promised, here is my step-father’s eulogy I wrote. R.I.P. Howard.

Howard, whose name in America means Defender and whose name in English means Bold Heart. Well, I will say he was both of those and strongly. He had the sense of humor that always got me to laugh. My kind of jokes. I remember the days he would tease the cat or Shakespeare then laugh hysterically. Lizzie and I would laugh right along with him. Lizzie loved him as much as I do and always will. He was one of the best father figures I could have had. He was always there when I needed something or someone. He did everything my mom needed and always was there for her. I will always remember his smile and his blue eyes. I will always remember when he first held my Julia. I will never forget how he took care of my mom and my sister. I will never forget the time he teased me on the way to the hospital when I was going to give birth to my daughter. How we got stuck behind a train and I was getting contractions. He had a bold heart no doubt and showed it in so many ways through the years. He also was a defender of not only America and my mom but all of us who were his step children. I prefer to call myself his child though just as he referred to me as his daughter.
He was an amazing man and I am proud to be his daughter.


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