Is getting through the pain possible?

Having someone so beautiful and handsome in your life seems to make you forgive all the pasts. I can agree it can make you forgive but will we ever forget? No. Pain whether physical or emotional stays etched in our brains until death. And sometimes death seems to be the only answer when we can’t deal with our pain. No one has more strength then another, it seems to be a system of coping mechanisms that some learn and some never can. How wonderful it would be to forget every time someone hurts you, but as they say, we must learn from the past as to not repeat it. Honestly, I personally wish to forget the bad because when the past haunts me, death beckons me. When it beckons, the will to live is miniscule. As some borderlines do, we cut and for so many reasons, sometimes we’ve had enough and that last cut was just one too many and we not only cut, some of us take pills. So does having a loving and supportive partner mean you won’t die at your hands due to pain, or does it mean your child will sustain that will, that they are your world? When death beckons and your will to live declines, you are in so much pain nothing is logical, your brain only knows hurt and pain, all rational thought disappears. God help us when this happens because we get so lost.


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