Small victories, a great bit of laughter (not just at myself😉), love of all kinds, and just a little helpful hand, will make things great. Snow has dumped again and seeing it makes me smile. I’m working on a book. I’ll finally say it aloud if you will. Don’t worry, it won’t have the tons of grammatical errors I do on a regular basis here. It’s slow going, because like this blog, I don’t write constantly; I write when inspired. Other times I’m delving in my favorite YouTube celebs and shows. I don’t really play the games on console/pc (I’m an old school gamer/always sucked lol) but I enjoy watching play-throughs and shows like GMM. I love all my fav YouTube peeps. They keep me going. When I tell my daughter it’s an extremely bad day (she’s 18 now), she seems to always send me something hilarious. We have very similar humor; probably because we only have an 18 year difference. I also can become the queen of sarcasm some days. 

One of the best songs she sent me, that ripped me straight out from utter emotional agony one morning, was by Filthyfrank titled “Help”. I don’t recommend listening if your humor is not to laugh at yourself or the feelings you experience. It’s I suppose, a macabre humor and does include swearing/triggers. Still, in an odd way, I love it and it makes me feel better! 

So this is all just a random update. 😄 Got some medical issues to take care of while writing but I’m always around! Please pray for me. I’ll name it a silent request. There are a lot of things going on of serious nature. Thank you guys!! Much love and God bless. 💛💜


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