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OT: Current Healthcare Crisis- (opinion)

I generally don’t approach political issues on here and not much on Twitter; but I felt I needed to paint a picture to show people that may not realize the ramifications of the healthcare bills trying to pass. (As this effects some who do follow this blog for the reasons they do.) 

It’s not just lower income and poverty stricken people. Everyone will have to deal with consequences. If the current bill or a future with similar amounts of people losing healthcare passes, these are just some of the things everyone should be concerned with; whether you’ll lose coverage or not. 

I’m praying again about this issue. Here’s a picture: very sick people (possibly spreadable illnesses due to no care), inundated emergency rooms, increase in fatal diseases at much younger ages, lower survival rates of many cancers, illnesses, and even the mentally ill. It will lead to increase of crime and an increase of suicide (mostly the middle-aged and elderly). Crimes will lead to fuller prisons (overpopulation is already an issue), more victims of crime, large criminal impact on businesses, even more emergency room backups due to just the crime aspect and even an increase in court case backup; which is already very long- esp for those seeking help with disability. 

More will apply for disability to help with the cost of their health because insurance even through employers may not pay or be affordable. It’s a huge spiral of chaos on a mass scale. I don’t think the “rich” or middle-class fully understand the implications on them too. Who’s gonna pay for the implications? The poor aren’t going to be able to and if the “rich” or middle-class doesn’t? They’re gonna have to segregate themselves. Not only will disease run rampant but there’ll be so much crime and the people they pay lousy amounts to protect and care for them? Well they’re going to be completely two-faced criminals to their employers. If you think about it all in-depth, there’s even more fallout than what I’ve said above. Just one decision will always have consequences. Think of the Butterfly Effect theory. 

No matter your class/ income or healthcare choices –

If you don’t think any of this directly effects you; it will. 

-KAB 2017


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