Small victories, a great bit of laughter (not just at myself😉), love of all kinds, and just a little helpful hand, will make things great. Snow has dumped again and seeing it makes me smile. I’m working on a book. I’ll finally say it aloud if you will. Don’t worry, it won’t have the tons… Continue reading Randomnesses…

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We Must Not Give Up

It seems negative circumstances keep finding me, but I’ll make it again as hard as it is some days as my blog clearly shows struggles and small victories. For today I decide to keep moving forward and no matter the day’s results I’ll continue taking those baby steps and fighting. I’m persistent, strong, courageous and… Continue reading We Must Not Give Up

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I’m not done here yet

​So apparently I was attempting to post a status when I was asleep. I woke with letters on Facebook (I used to do this and randomly would text friends while asleep. I used to sleep walk and sleep eat as well.) I also woke from a wicked nightmare with my warmer zip up jumper on… Continue reading I’m not done here yet

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Forgiveness and Blessings

I have probably approached this before as it’s a very difficult thing to do in some circumstances. Forgiving is easy some of the time and I feel I usually have done so. The problem is when I’m reminded. My brain just doesn’t erase the memories. When it jumps into my head later on down the… Continue reading Forgiveness and Blessings