Locked In My Head’s About

I write about my life and personal thoughts. Please be prepared for truth, for someone who struggles at times and at times is full of happiness. Part of that is due to having chronic illness and part of it is just living day to day, but a lot of it is just me and who I am. I want others to come reading and feel that they aren’t alone in their struggles. Even when I don’t sound hopeful there is hope. I just have to remember it when hope is really needed. My goal is to reach out to those who need understanding.

I will be speaking of my life along with my many other subjects. Suffice to say, you’re reading my thoughts and I hope any can provide comfort or acceptance; maybe some validation you aren’t alone. Thank you to my followers and visitors for your commitment.

Hopefully you will feel understood and maybe not so alone. I’m only a message away to talk. Facebook and Twitter are the quickest way but you can reach me through this blog.

*And one more thing… All photos and videos etc… are given credit to their respective owners. You may NOT remove my personal photos from this site.

One thought on “Locked In My Head’s About

  1. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have AS along with Bipolar as well. It is a difficult hand to have been dealt, I am far enough along with AS and fusion that I have started a bucket list of everything I want to do before I cannot. This is particularly difficult as I am an avid fisherman and always figured I would die with a pole in my hand. The diagnosis hit me hard to say the least. I was surprised to see a posting from someone else who has that quirky dual diagnosis.


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