Small victories, a great bit of laughter (not just at myself😉), love of all kinds, and just a little helpful hand, will make things great. Snow has dumped again and seeing it makes me smile. I’m working on a book. I’ll finally say it aloud if you will. Don’t worry, it won’t have the tons… Continue reading Randomnesses…

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We Must Not Give Up

It seems negative circumstances keep finding me, but I’ll make it again as hard as it is some days as my blog clearly shows struggles and small victories. For today I decide to keep moving forward and no matter the day’s results I’ll continue taking those baby steps and fighting. I’m persistent, strong, courageous and… Continue reading We Must Not Give Up

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Retreat! Retreat!

The start of this year was hopeful; yet I was guarded. I knew, that it would be like the past years, but it’s just worse.  I try everything to be a faithful and hopeful person but even asking God I fail. Miserably. I find every breath an enormous struggle. I just can’t shut down my… Continue reading Retreat! Retreat!

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I’m going to miss the evergreen trees and the cuddling weather; heavy sweaters, hoodies, thick soft blankets and cool breezy days. I don’t like heat from the sun and it’s a rare day when I walk outside to drive somewhere; the sky is bright with a perfect breeze and cool temperature. When I can open… Continue reading Evergreen 

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The Shirt & The Bridge

I was driving across one of our very large bridges a few days ago over the lake I admire so much on sunny days. Unfortunately this was not a sunny day; on sunny days the water glistens like millions of diamonds and eases me. It almost makes me physically smile from inside outward.  For what… Continue reading The Shirt & The Bridge