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The flickering Candle

I’ve learned and have had a new insight on my life since I hit about 33 years old. Now, it has only been a few/ several years since then but it’s a strange cathartic experience. It’s sort of the time I finally understood the advice my parents gave me and the value. A time when… Continue reading The flickering Candle

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Dear love, Will You Answer?

I’ll start here. For days I’ve been dealing with severe depression, maybe it’s been weeks, I don’t know. Days blur as well as nights and I forget where I am because the monster living in my brain eats away at me. I get fully invested in this redundant, narcissistic, psychological agony. This is all a… Continue reading Dear love, Will You Answer?

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OT: Current Healthcare Crisis- (opinion)

I generally don’t approach political issues on here and not much on Twitter; but I felt I needed to paint a picture to show people that may not realize the ramifications of the healthcare bills trying to pass. (As this effects some who do follow this blog for the reasons they do.)  It’s not just… Continue reading OT: Current Healthcare Crisis- (opinion)